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Leopard Print Semicured Gel Nail Stickers

Leopard Print Semicured Gel Nail Stickers

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Our Semicured Gel Nail Stickers are gel polish that are 60% cured which makes them flexible and stretchy to fit any size nail. Simply peel and stick on your nail and cure them for 60 seconds under a UV/LED Lamp. It will cure a 100%. No need to soak off the stickers as they have an adhesive back that makes them easy to remove. You can still do house chores like washing dishes and the nails won't come off. Easy way to achieve that salon grade nail look.

What is included in each package:

  • 1 x 20 Pieces Semicured Nail Strip 
  • Nail File
  • Wooden Stick (to remove and smooth edges)

How to apply:

1. Prep your nails - wash your hands and wipe down nails with an alcohol strip or cutex remover liquid to remove any natural oils.

2. Choose the right size that will fit your nail and peel off the clear protective film. Peel and stick onto your nail slightly away from your cuticle. You can also stretch the sticker a bit fo fit your nail if you can't find the correct size.

3. You can use the wooden stick to push the sticker firmly in place and to seal the edges. Remove the excess sticker.

4. Cure the sticker under the UV/LED Lamp for 60seconds and file the sticker to fit your nail and shape.

5. When you want to remove the sticker from your nail you can use the wooden stick to gently push the sticker off from your nail. 

Remember to tag us (@swaelkibeauty) in your photos on FB, Instagram or TikTok. We would love to see the end results :-) 


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